OT: Internet Provider

NoOp glgxg at sbcglobal.net
Thu Jan 8 04:22:28 UTC 2009

On 01/07/2009 07:09 PM, Scott wrote:
>> You missed the point. If someone is going to ask something that is quite
>> local in nature, why ask it on an *international* mailing list?
> This is true even if said in a harsh way :).  If I was going to ask 
> about a local ISP I would write to the Canadian Ubuntu list.  I would 
> suggest asking on the American Ubuntu list or to your local LUG.

Such as:

  ubuntu-us-nm - Ubuntu US New Mexico LoCo Team

Perhaps :-)

Though the archives look pretty slim:
Karl might want to liven them up a bit & meet some of the local folks...

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