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Wed Jan 7 02:32:31 UTC 2009

On Wed, 07 Jan 2009 08:23:41 +0800, John Heinen <hensandpat at>  

>> XP (XP Professional in my case) is not following standard
>>  'boot from CD' behavior:
>>  --to start from XP bootable CD, you have to touch a key.
>>  --without touching a key, the CD in the CD-drive will be ignored,
>>  the system (with XP CD in drive) will try to start the XP OS
>>  instead.
>> I used that behavior to get XP started when GRUB did not show XP
>>  in the menu.
>> My incomplete GRUB was the result of a failed Ubuntu installation.
>> Herman in PHL.
> Thanks Herman, Actually I /have been lucky so far by not succeding in
> the restoration of win xp until I first recovered the files out of win
> xp. That I have to learn yet/ . Paul Kaplin mentioned to recover the
> files by Dolphin, I don't know how to do that either, I am still
> learning. I have also found an article by Microsoft how to restore xp[
> it's a bit complicated, but first I need to remove those files, tel me
> how. Thanks John H.

I (for myself) have made quite an issue out of RESCUE (recovering).
  (I have seen your XP problem ....)
I did a re-install of XP. I lost access to to my Ubuntu of course.
  As I did not know GRUB well enough, I did a 6.06LTS-Ubuntu-install
  to a spare partition (less than 30 minutes). As part of that install
  GRUB picked up all the OS'es. At startup I now have choice of WIN
  and 2 Ubuntu systems.

I have 2 convenient ways to 'steal' files from any OS:
  (incl historical WIN, incl NTFS)

1. Puppy-Linux, running from CD+USB-flashdrive (default start-up).
  It is a joy to operate Puppy: copy files from any OS (and back,
  if so required), to any destination (incl burning a CD).
  It has GParted as well (for checking/changing partitions).
  It gives Internet access and has a browser (SeaMonkey). You can
  do any Internet-work (urgent email: my system is DOWN!) or send
  a file to safety somewhere on Internet.
  (Puppy is INVALUABLE here, even the kids use it if my
   Ubuntu-Linux is 'under repair', like 'no flashplayer'. It is
   amazing what a little spare OS can do to peace with myself
   and peace in the house.)

2. The PartedMagic CD (Partitioning, bootable CD, good GUI) has
  good file-see/copy/save capability. As a partition-program
  it has access anywhere.
  It also provides Internet-access, browser FireFox.

Herman in PHL.

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