Ubuntu for the Eee

Gilles Gravier gilles at gravier.org
Sat Jan 3 07:34:54 UTC 2009

Hi, Liam!

Liam Proven wrote:
> Setting up an Eee 900 for a mate. £40 off eBay! Great deal!
> Anyway, I'm not taken with Xandros, and I'm going to be supporting
> this little beast.
> What's the best Ubuntu remix for the Eee? Eeebuntu, Ubuntu-Eee, something else?

Don't bother with remixes. Install directly Ubuntu... and then add the
Array.org kernel (by following the very simple instructions at :
http://www.array.org/ubuntu/setup-intrepid.html ) Once this is done, you
have a very normal Ubuntu, with all the EeePC features working. That way
it gets proper updates when Ubuntu updates... and Array.org kernel is
up-to-date as well...

I now have that on my EeePC 900 for a few months and never going back.

Of... Don't know when you bought your EeePC 900, but make sure you have
the latest BIOS update from ASUS. v802 fixes SD card reader
compatibility problems... and others address battery life time... You
can update the BIOS directly putting the BIOS file on a USB stick... so
no need for Windows or anything else than Ubuntu on your EeePC. :)
Latest v906 BIOS is at :

Extract the ROM file from the ZIP. Rename it to 900.ROM. Copy it to a
blank FAT16 USB disk drive. Take out all other USB cards from the EeePC.
While it starts, press Alt-F2 and follow instructions.


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