Disappearing menu panel Part 2

mark markfpyles at gmail.com
Thu Jan 1 03:43:58 UTC 2009

Hi Charlie

Forgive me for being so stupid and new to all of this. I can do a 
cntrl+alt+F2 and get to a login screen, but I don't know what my login 
or what I am logging in to. I have a prompt that reads "mark login:" but 
I don't know what to type in there. I don't know what my root password 
is. I know what my userid and password is when I login to the computer 
when it boots up is, but that didn't work. What do I do? Thank you very 
much for leading this newbie by the hand Charlie. I appreciate all the 
help, really! Thanks.


Charlie Kravetz wrote:
> On Wed, 31 Dec 2008 07:59:16 -0500
> mark <markfpyles at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hello:
>> I did all the things you suggested but nothing seemed to work. I was
>> at my wits end due to all of my programs that I used were on the top
>> menu panel and I could no longer open any programs. I finally had to 
>> reinstall and this time put my program shortcut icons on my desktop 
>> instead of in the menu panel. After a couple of times of restarting
>> the computer, the menus are gone again! I am able to get to the
>> programs I use most frequently, but still can't get to the menu
>> options I need such as "system" to get to the system preferences and
>> what have you. The screen's original resolution was set for 1280x800
>> which I didn't set, but the computer did from the installation and so
>> I left it that way. Is there some way to fix this problem that keeps
>> happening? It is driving me crazy!!! Thank you again for all your
>> help!
>> Mark
>> NoOp wrote:
>>> On 12/29/2008 04:17 PM, markfpyles wrote:
>>>> Hi everyone:
>>>> I have a big problem. I am running Ubuntu 8.04 (Gnome desktop) on
>>>> a Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop and when I closed the computer down
>>>> everything was fine, but when I started the computer up the menu
>>>> panel at the top of my screen was gone and also my taskbar at the
>>>> bottom. All I am left with is a blank desktop. Is there a way to
>>>> get my menu at the top of my screen to work again? Please tell me
>>>> I don't have to re-install everything. Thank you.
>>>> Mark
>>> My _guess_ is that when you started back up the desktop defaulted to
>>> 800x600 resolution and the menus are still there but hidden because
>>> of the screen resolution.
>>> Try this:
>>> Alt-F2 (Alt key plus F2 key)
>>>   then enter
>>>     gnome-display-properties
>>> and see what the resolution is set at. See if yoiu can reset to
>>> 1024x768 or whatever your standard resoluton is. If that doesn't
>>> work, then try this:
>>> Alt-F2
>>>   then enter
>>>     gksu displayconfig-gtk
>>> and try resetting from there.
>>> If that doesn't work, then reboot and at the gdm login select
>>> "Session" and then "Failsafe GNOME" and login using that. That may
>>> get you back to a screen that shows the menus.
>>> And if all of those don't work, then reboot and at the grub menu,
>>> select the second kernel option for "Recovery". When that finishes
>>> booting select the xfix option. That will reset your xorg.conf to a
>>> default. When it finishes, select the 1st option to continue to
>>> boot normally.
> Just a guess here. Have you gone into your /home directory and deleted
> all the configuration files for gnome-panel? 
> Remove gnome-panel using Alt+F2, sudo apt-get remove --purge
> gnome-panel , then go to ~/.config/gnome/gnome-panel and delete the
> files. Then using Terminal (Alt+F2) add the panel back (sudo apt-get
> install gnome-panel)
> This will, of course, remove any additions to the panel, but may fix
> the problem.
> Good luck,
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