awakening screen from screensaver

Karl F. Larsen klarsen1 at
Thu Feb 5 13:47:46 UTC 2009

R Kimber wrote:
> Movement of my mouse (logitech LX7) does not interrupt the
> screensaver.  I have to press a key to get the screen back.  Is there a
> setting somewhere for this?  I can't see it under 'screensaver' or
> 'mouse' in the preferences.
> Or is it a bug?  If so, which package should it relate to?
> I have 8.10
> - Richard
    It is different than Hardy, but my 8.10 that works on my laptop has 
that same problem. I hit the shift key and that drops the screen saver. 
Also, since about 99.8% of us are using screens that do not "burn in" 
there is little need for screen savers. But I like the one with 
electronic components swimming by.



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