OT: top-posting hatred [Was: Re: Update Manager in 9.04]

Franz Waldmüller waldbauernbub at gmx.at
Wed Apr 29 17:54:14 UTC 2009

Kyle Smith schrieb:

>> They would stand out if *you*/people/me/everybody edited out all the
>> irrelevant text, to leave only a few lines of the original post, above
>> your reply. Like I did here: I bottom posted to make it
>> natural-flowing, yet visually my comments do stand out, don't they ?
> And I think you've brought up part of the problem I am talking about.  
> You're on a *general*, *basic* Ubuntu Users mailing list expecting 
> everyone to have a firm grasp of how to use their computer. 
To me it is good to advice people who to reply best. Everybody wants to 
help, so why not help the best way.

Btw: Most mailing list I am subscribed to favour plain text email rather 
than html email.
-> A lot of people don't have a high bandwidth connection.
-> screen readers used by visual impaired users can handle plain text 
better than html email
-> This list is published in the web and search engines can handle plain 
text better. If you want your answers to be helpful to users who search 
the archive you may consider switching to plain text.


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