Skype not working in 9.04

marc gmane at
Wed Apr 29 12:02:48 UTC 2009

Karl F. Larsen said:

> H.S. wrote:
>> marc wrote:
>>> Ah, this might be a clue. If you have Skype "automatically adjust my
>>> mixer levels" then you might find, as I did, that audio settings
>>> become screwed.
>> Yes. I always uncheck that auto level option, otherwise the audio
>> quality suffers in skype.
>     Odd. I have to take back my claim that Skype works on 9.04 because
> while it comes up properly the audio on receive and send do not work. I
> checked the mixer and both mike and sound are turned on. I have VLC and
> it has lots of audio on 9.04.
>     I will look at help and Google for some ideas. But I must say that
> Skype does NOT work on 9.04 without some additional sound fixes.

>From what I read (from the pulseaudio dev) input should be one of the hw: 
settings, not pulse, while the two outputs should be pulse. This works 
for me.


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