Hardy - Intrepid - Jaunty Update

NoOp glgxg at sbcglobal.net
Tue Apr 28 21:32:38 UTC 2009

Performed a Hardy - Intrepid - Jaunty update on several machines & all
went well with the exception of one today.

On one machine the hardy to intrepid update screwed up the system; no
mouse, /dev/null kept changing to 0600 instead of 0666, and overall was
just a complete mess. I was however able to bring up a desktop with
Failsafe Gnome and then log in remotely with VNC - mouse & keyboard
worked just fine from the remote terminal. On a whim I went ahead and
inserted the jaunty alternate cd & told it to go ahead and perform the
upgrade w/updates from the internet. Several hours later (I limit the
download speed on the dsl line so I can still use it for other things)
and after allowing jaunty to replace all of my /etc/init.d/ files etc.,
(said yes to all except for Samba config) it finishes and goes for the
  Not only did the machine reboot properly (keyboard, mouse, everything
working), but to my surprise I hear the Ubuntu default startup wav. That
in itself may not seem unusual, but on that machine I have *no* speakers
attached... the sound was coming from the speakers connected to *this*
hardy machine! So, figuring that the ever mysterious pulse audio is
doing it's thing I load up firefox and connect to youtube & start
playing Premiere: War/No More Trouble" Playing for Change. I'll be
danged... sound for the video on the intrepid machine starts pumping out
of my hardy speakers! Found that I can only control the volume from the
hardy machine... but I must say that this whole process has pretty much
blown my mind today. Now I have to figure out how all of this works
before I attempt to upgrade this hardy machine. Never could figure out
how to get pulse audio to work properly in hardy to hardy.

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