Lost a Working Bluetooth Mouse Connection on Ubuntu 9.04 and Cannot Reconnect

Tom Browder tom.browder at gmail.com
Tue Apr 28 21:05:39 UTC 2009

Last week I did a fresh install of Ubuntu 9.04 on a Dell E6500 laptop.
 I got the bluetooth mouse working after the installation and all was
fine until yesterday when, by using the package manager, I added wicd
an an attempt to get a static IP and DNS working with my wireless
network.  (Note that the installation removed the network manager.)

Wicd works great, but now I cannot get my mouse to synch with the
laptop (a USB mouse works fine).

The bluetooth tool shows the mouse but it fails when attempting to
pair with the device,

I have tried a reboot and reattempted to get the mouse  paired--no go.

Any ideas?



Tom Browder
Niceville, Florida

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