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>>>     Your TOO poor to be owning a computer. Sell it and give up on Ubuntu.
>> That was the original motivator for trying to evaluate Linux - I can't
>> afford to upgrade Windoze.
>> Unfortunately, from what you say, if this is really that ancient, nobody
>> would buy it anyhow.
>> I see you're really sensitive about those of us on fixed incomes, permanent
>> disability.
>> Unfortunately, many others share your level of compassion, which doesn't
>> help ver much.
> Karl enjoys sharing with others that he's 'rich' - ignore such comments.
> Your system _will_ run with 256Mb, but it will be sluggish depending
> upon the application & I'd recommend at least 384Mb. As I mentioned
> previously, I have a laptop that is only 800Mhz/384Mb and it works just
> fine for the most part.
>   I also converted a college student's system from Win98 to Ubuntu, and
> she's still using it daily. The specs are:
>  *-cpu
>           description: CPU
>           product: Pentium III (Katmai)
>           vendor: Intel Corp.
>           size: 600MHz
> *-memory
>           description: System memory
>           size: 255MiB
> *-display
>                 description: VGA compatible controller
>                 product: NV6 [Vanta/Vanta LT]
>                 vendor: nVidia Corporation
> It is even running a Mac Leopard lookalike desktop on it (she had a Mac
> laptop that crapped out on her). I've offered to give her a 1Ghz/512Mb
> system for free, but she says that it's running just fine and rather
> wait until summer until school is out to make the change. I installed it
> for her in June 2008 and the only call I've received from her for help
> is when she needed to add a new HP printer that wasn't yet in the
> printer database.
> So, even with 256Mb, a 1.4Ghz system should perform reasonably well for
> most applications. But I definitely would look into adding more memory
> if you possibly can - memory pretty much makes the world go round these
> days.
My laptop is a 9 year old 800mhz PIII with 2*256mb PC133 modules. 
Jaunty runs very well on it.  I wouldn't tackle video editing on it, 
but it does the job for pretty much everything else with quite 
acceptable response times.
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