Skype not working in 9.04

H.S. hs.samix at
Tue Apr 28 14:19:40 UTC 2009

Pastor JW wrote:
> Gnome.  8.10 was non usable as KDE couldn't do anything we needed to do, now 

For instance? I use Hardy and switch between KDE and Gnome. I haven't
seen any problems in my usage. There was an audio problem with
pulseaudio, but removing pulseaudio (or not using it) fixed that. Other
than that, I would like to know what else is wrong.

> it seems 9.04 is broken somewhere for Skype doesn't work,  perhaps we'll have 

I have reports from some users that it does. As David posted earlier, he
got it working by installing the static version from Medibuntu repos.
Does that not work for you?

> to still wait till 9.10 before there is an upgrade from 8.04 suitable for 
> use.  Skype is used here at least a hundred times per day in our ministry. 
> And on a personal level several times a week to visit with my nine 
> grandchildren!!  

Yup, it is quit useful an application. I have learned that businesses
use it a lot for frequent communications, e.g. between the office and
warehouse. Often times they just keep it switched on.

Just wish there was something equivalent in Linux. Been trying Ekiga for
several months and it appears to be just as solid. No encryption at
present though.


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