to Karl

Chris Jones christopher.rob.jones at
Mon Apr 27 17:16:20 UTC 2009

> Hi,

> Have you tried that yourself? I just did. Not with a removable device,
> but with an ssh (sftp) connection like Karl described. It didn't work.
> That is logical, because and ssh connection is not mounted. Something
> that is not mounted, cannot be unmounted.

Actually there is something unmount. mount is a very flexible command  
under linux and can apply to a wide variety of things, some are  
hardware (like disks) but others are not. for instance it is perfectly  
possible to mount an ISO file as a file system. Similarly you can  
mount a remote file system using sshfs (which may well be what is used  
underneath here). Look up sshfs and fuse if you want more details.

Once you are connected to a remote share via sshfs, try running  
'mount' at the command line to list what is currently mounted.

cheers Chris

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