A USB drive as (1) 160 GB partition sole purpose data

Thorny thorntreehome at gmail.com
Mon Apr 27 15:14:33 UTC 2009

On Mon, 27 Apr 2009 07:21:32 -0600, Allen Meyers posted:

> I will shortly have the answer to my question on moving files/data to
> the partition. Like Thorny has said to me and so many others its merely
> a question of using clarity and specifics. I doubt with just the typed
> word I could even do it now without attachments. I sent Thorny a post
> not asking help just because I could finally make my case with
> attachments. Like always I appreciate your help. As for the error 15
> thing for me at least its merely a question of mounting and unmounting
> the USB 160GB correctly. Grub and MBR are on my sda1 and if I am not
> mistaken in the first 512 bytes of that partition. Again thanks and I
> will let Thorny comment if he cares to as his typed word has more
> clarity then mine. He can talk Linux and I have not gotten there yet.

I'm not clear, are you now finding the file you've saved, your first
sentence seems to indicate that you are?

Please don't top post Allen.

Please don't send me private email with big attachments. I have a limited
dialup Internet account. So, not only is my download slow on a big email
with attachments, it also means my limited amount of time is being used up
and I have to pay for all over my monthly cap. Therefore, I filter out the
attachments and your email doesn't make much sense without pictures.
That's also the reason I don't like HTML posts (more bandwidth for me to
pay for)

Just describe as if you were explaining to someone who is blind. Something

[Example] I click this thing (say what thing) and then I click this and
then this and then the following error message comes up, or... [Use a
pattern like that]

According to what you are writing. The MBR is in the first 512B of the
disk, sda, the rest of GRUB is in your /dev/sda1/boot/grub. If this is
correct, then the answer to the other question I asked you is, yes the
system boots without the removable drive attached.

Just to be clear, you do have your BIOS set to boot from the first hard
drive don't you? If you have it set to boot from USB and, at some point in
the past while you were playing with distros, you put a GRUB MBR on the
removable drive too, it will make a difference if the removable drive is
connected at boot time, depending on where that MBR sends grub next. A lot
of this depends on what you did when you were installing the several
distros and you weren't sure what you were doing then so you probably
don't remember. For the future, you need to keep careful track of what you
have done, if you try something and it doesn't work the way you want it
to, nothing puts the situation back into default unless you reverse what
you did previously. Something like this can cause considerable confusion.

Is there a Linux User Group that you could take you system to? In person,
one of the members could sort this out for you easily and quickly
(probably about five minutes). They will be able to see your screen and
actually run the commands I ask for, that you ignore. Trying to sort it
out in the list could turn out to be lengthy and almost painful for you

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