Upgraded to Jaunty, how can I get my 2 monitors working again

Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at modulonet.fr
Fri Apr 24 12:02:15 UTC 2009

> I just upgraded to Jaunty and the display configuration is gone.
> I have 2 Monitors which should run in "TwinMode" but I can not adjust 
> this. When I run "System->Preferences->Display", I get a message with 
> tells me that my graphic card is not support by this tool and I have the 
> choice to use the graphic card vendor tool. But when I use this option 
> it tells me that I don't have the Nvidia driver running. To enable it, I 
> have to run "nvidia-xconfig" as root. I did it but nothing changed.
> How can I get the Nvidia driver (with "TwinMode) back?
> Thomas

Hi Thomas,

I upgraded last night and had the same error message when I tried to
run the Gnome Display tool. What I did was NOT to run the
'nvidia-confg' tool, because this is an nvidia tool which bypasses the
existing and much developped/tested Ubuntu tool. So I prefered to use
the Ubuntu tool instead (System->Admin->Hardware Drivers), then I
selected the latest / '180' Nvidia driver, clicked on "Enable",
restarted (since you can't restart X by hand anymore using the K/B) the
computer, and hey presto, the nvidia config tool now can start, letting
me configure everything. 
Problem: although it configures everything just fine, there is a
bug/problem somehow: it complains that it can't write to xorg.conf (NOT
a permission problem), hence configuration will be lost when you
log-out :-/
So you need to configure xorg.conf by hand, like in the old days :-/
Luckily I did an 'in-situ' upgradde rather than a fresh install, so the
upgrade tool kept a copy of my old xorg.conf... so I just used this one
insted of the (pretty much empty) auto-generated file.

Hopefully nvidia will release an updated version of their tool, to fix
this bug, as it renders their config tool rather useless ! :-/


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