looking for netatalk install procedure

Noah admin2 at enabled.com
Thu Apr 23 18:27:35 UTC 2009

Brian McKee wrote:
>>> Priority: required
>>> Section: base
>>> Looks like a normally installed file to me.
>> I'm not at all sure how you reach that conclusion from the given data but...
> The 'required' and 'base' part I interpreted to mean it's in the base
> set of files provided by a minimum install and 'required'
> Maybe I'm full of it, but that's what I thought that meant anyway.
> I hesitated before sending this note - I'm not trying to do the debate
> a point into the ground thing.
> Hope you don't take it that way.  I read your comment as a request for
> an explanation of my thinking.
> To the OP (in an attempt to get this thread back on track) - how's it going?

the netatalk installation is still failing :(

> Brian

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