[OT] was Ubuntu has gone!

Nolan Cooper 4030man at gmail.com
Thu Apr 23 08:17:20 UTC 2009

  Nolan flopped in chair, hunched shoulders, and pecked out:
> On Thu, 23 Apr 2009, Lucio M Nicolosi wrote:
>> (but not all) and most users do not trim their messages at all, while
> My pet hate is those who don't trim, but I don't go after those who don't do 
> it, IMHO, top posting is no worse then those who bottom post, especially 
> those who bottom post 3 words, making you scroll down 5 pages of 
> crap to read those 3 words.
>> a few overtrim to the barely understandable, like they were in a IRC.
> That is a danger, people when trimming often think the other person will 
> know what you mean, when you have omitted just a tad too much, so long as 
> there's enough there to the point of your comments it should be OK, but I 
> do know what you mean.
>> It's a real mess, uncomfortable, really hard to follow and
>> collaborate.
> its been that way since day dot way back then...it'll never change.
>> Thus I'm beginning to appreciate our (your) eventual fellow "nazis"
>> and their persistence in requiring good manners for those waiting at
>> the soup line.
> perhaps, but the danger lies within, you cant have a bunch of misfits 
> deciding based on their personal beliefs what anyone else needs to do,
> moderation is why we have moderators :)
> It is very childish of those who publicly state in here they refuse or 
> may refuse to help someone just because that person top posts, I mean,
> most of us (I know not all, but the vast majority) are adults here, not 
> 8yo's in a school playground, a lot of people in here need to seriously 
> grow up.
My! My! Res...

You calling me a 8 year old??
Let's go back and look at all the loooong threads about top or 
bottom posting. shall we? The norm for this group is to bottom post.

I quoted the posters own words, in which he is in a far better 
position to evaluate his own abilities. I have never met him, and I 
   always take a man at his word. I politely ask him to use the 
abilities he said he had and use them to conform to the norm for the 

This is about respect for the group one is seeking advice from. 
After all, he did research past post, and Google before posting, right.
Then he would have observed 95% +/- were bottom posted.
*And* being an adult, mature, and considerate of others he also 
would have bottom posted.
  O well, lets see, 8 years old and know what I know now!!!!
Might not be to bad.  :)


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