Jaunty 64 host, VMWare XP guest - mouse/keyboard problems

Yoram Hekma hekma.yoram at gmail.com
Thu Apr 23 08:08:06 UTC 2009

On Wed, Apr 22, 2009 at 11:22:58PM +0300, Edgars Šmits wrote:
> Did an upgrade to Jaunty 2 weeks ago, everything seemed to be OK.
> Needed XP today so I opened up VMWare Workstation (6.5.2
> build-156735), started fine, but once XP was up and running the mouse
> and keyboard were seriously wonky:
> 1) once mouse control is passed into the guest OS you basically can't
> get it back into the Jaunty host w/o closing down the guest OS

You could try putting the following in $HOME/.vmware/config:

xkeymap.nokeycodeMap = true
hint.xkeymap.notLocal = "FALSE"

In my case I needed this for the "windows key" to work, but it might help
you as well.

> 2) reaction time to mouse movements is very slow - you click on an
> icon on the desktop of the guest, minutes later it opens up etc. I
> only use my XP guest OS to run my scanner, not supported by Ubuntu,
> and what usually took me 5 minutes in Intrepid took me almost 30
> minutes, mostly waiting for mouse control to work

Are you using 64bit or 32bit XP? With my 32bit I have no problems and I am
running 64bit Jaunty as well.

> 3) keyboard is screwed up, typed in "scan", came out as "uīšo"

See 1)

> I reinstalled VMWare tools, made no difference.
> Doing a google for Jaunty + Vmware + mouse gets loads of hits, however
> most of them are talking about mouse problems running Jaunty in guest
> sessions, obviously not my problem. There were also some bug mentions
> of this, with a possible solution being to replace the proprietary
> Tools with open source ones, but again, I think that doesn't apply to
> XP guests as the Tools install is a windows executable. It doesn't
> help that in one spot they talk about clients, in another about
> guests...
> Anyway, since I only use XP for scanning, which I do only rarely, I
> won't loose sleep over this. However, if anyone else has had a similar
> problem and has a solution for it....
> Cheers
> ED

Can you use VirtualBox for this? I find it to be more responsive and when
you do not need the snapshot functionality of workstation anyway, it is
worth a try.
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