Jaunty 64 host, VMWare XP guest - mouse/keyboard problems

Edgars Šmits ed.smits at gmail.com
Wed Apr 22 20:22:58 UTC 2009

Did an upgrade to Jaunty 2 weeks ago, everything seemed to be OK.
Needed XP today so I opened up VMWare Workstation (6.5.2
build-156735), started fine, but once XP was up and running the mouse
and keyboard were seriously wonky:

1) once mouse control is passed into the guest OS you basically can't
get it back into the Jaunty host w/o closing down the guest OS
2) reaction time to mouse movements is very slow - you click on an
icon on the desktop of the guest, minutes later it opens up etc. I
only use my XP guest OS to run my scanner, not supported by Ubuntu,
and what usually took me 5 minutes in Intrepid took me almost 30
minutes, mostly waiting for mouse control to work
3) keyboard is screwed up, typed in "scan", came out as "uīšo"

I reinstalled VMWare tools, made no difference.

Doing a google for Jaunty + Vmware + mouse gets loads of hits, however
most of them are talking about mouse problems running Jaunty in guest
sessions, obviously not my problem. There were also some bug mentions
of this, with a possible solution being to replace the proprietary
Tools with open source ones, but again, I think that doesn't apply to
XP guests as the Tools install is a windows executable. It doesn't
help that in one spot they talk about clients, in another about

Anyway, since I only use XP for scanning, which I do only rarely, I
won't loose sleep over this. However, if anyone else has had a similar
problem and has a solution for it....



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