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Anthony M. Rasat anthony.rasat at
Tue Apr 21 19:44:25 UTC 2009

Chong Zhia Hwa wrote:
>However, I'm using a BenQ Joybook R43 which runs on a SiS Mirage 3 series chipset.
>I can install the Ubuntu 8.10 desktop edition by turning off some options on the starting screen, but after I took out the ejected CD, the computer just stops running at the loading screen

My sister have a Sis-chipset notebook and it was pain to install Ubuntu in it. 

You need to append "all_generic_ide" to kernel line in GRUB. You need to Google it a bit to find out how to do that, it will taking too long to explain it here.

Also, since she has a Windows application that she can't afford to lose, it was dual boot with an XP Home. The problem was XP keep shutting off wireless LAN hardware (it was a software switch) everytime it shutdown or restart. I managed to dug up some information with Google that some registry entries need to be modified to prevent that.

But it was some time ago, heck I didn't wrote any notes about it, so I'm sorry can't help you any further. All I can offer are those clues. So good luck.



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