PS3 controller Sixais

Chris Jones jonesc at
Tue Apr 21 16:04:05 UTC 2009


Brian wrote:
> I feel bad for people who come to mailing lists looking for 
> troubleshooting help and rather than help get pointless and annoying 
> "how you should format your emails" messages. You don't know how to help 
> him, nor do you know anything about his controller. Just admit that and 
> move on until someone with more experience than you comes along and can 
> actually provide help.

The point is the way he is attempting to get help from this list. His 
emails are the equivalent (IMHO) of running into a room and shouting for 
help, and expecting everyone to stop and jump. Several people have 
politely tried to point this out to him, but so far he appears to have 
taken no notice of this. For a while this can be put down to being new 
to the list/ubuntu, but eventually it is just plain rude, and people 
will stop trying to help. I am simply trying to point this out to him, 
as he clearly does not realize how his emails come across.


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