change from apt-get to aptitude

Shannon McMackin smcmackin at
Tue Apr 21 14:54:19 UTC 2009

Kogler Johannes wrote:
> Hi guys!
> Thanks for your answers.
>> Check the man page - I believe it's aptitude unmarkauto packagename
> aptitude unmarkauto seems not to solve this problem. "aptitude
> --simulate unmarkauto bc" tries to remove the package bc anyway.
>> You could explicitly install those packages, I think that will solve
> this issue:
>> sudo type aptitude install package-names-it-wants-to-autoremove
> I will give it a try! Thanks.
> Is there anybody who has experience with changing from apt-get to
> aptitude on Ubuntu?
> Cheers
> Johannes
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>> When I try to get aptitude's intended actions by "aptitude -sfy
>> install", I see that aptitude would delete 23 packages. These packages
>> are shown as automatically installed, although some packages have been
>> manually installed. In every action aptitude wants to remove these
>> packages. Is there a possiblity to change the package states of these
>> packages from automatically to manually installed without removing
> them?
> Check the man page - I believe it's aptitude unmarkauto packagename
> Brian
Have you tried synaptic package manager?  I've never had any problems 
with it and I always get a good explanation on any status issues of a 
given package...

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