Extra 'media' buttons on Toshiba A100

Derek Broughton derek at pointerstop.ca
Mon Apr 20 18:00:13 UTC 2009

Mike.lifeguard wrote:

> Yes, I tried xev - no output at all for these extra media buttons - same
> for the Fn key (I just realized).

Then I _think_ you're out of luck.  
> On a somewhat related note, my keyboard layout seems kinda messed up. In
> terminal (only), pressing PgDn gives me a tilde. The tilde key does that
> too, which is expected - not so for the PgDn key (I'd expect no output,
> just like PgUp).
> Finally, my left alt key doesn't do anything, so I suspect my keyboard
> layout is incorrect. Of course, the exact one isn't listed (only one
> Toshiba keyboard is listed) - so I chose general ACPI Standard, which
> works for everything else.

Generally it's just "pc104" or "pc105".  I've never seen
manufacturer-specific keyboards - and even media keys usually send the same
codes, now.

> FWIW, that alt key is recognized in xev (as
> "ISO_Level3_Shift").

Odd.  That's usually the "Win" key.

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