New Amarok - does it suck for others as well?

Edgars Šmits ed.smits at
Mon Apr 20 05:56:22 UTC 2009

I've been running Jaunty beta now for a week on 2 machines, must say
I'm impressed - I upgraded my Dell in place (64 Bit), no major issues,
and I did a clean install on my old EEE-PC, and was impressed,
everything worked out of the box - WiFi, camera etc. To get Intrepid
working on it I spent many hours tracking down various things, this
time nada, good work!

However - has anyone else noticed how useless the new Amarok (I think
it's 2.02) is that comes with it? New GUI, takes forever to inventory
my music (~120 Gb), it didn't pick up my podcast subscriptions or
playlists etc. etc. It used to have a great feature - plug in an iPod,
you could right mouse click on a podcast on the iPod, choose subscribe
to this podcast, and done, very cool, that's lost etc. etc.

I have given it a week and now would like to return to the old Amarok,
it looks like I'll have to uninstall the new version and compile the
old version from source myself, the old version isnt being offered any
more in the Jaunty repositories.

Does anyone find the new version better/faster/more useful in any way?
And yes, I know Jaunty is only RC, but Amarok isn't, and I have all my
updates in place....

Just venting


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