Atheros wireless problem/ Bash Shell Script

Derek Broughton derek at
Mon Apr 20 14:28:27 UTC 2009

Martin Stephens wrote:

> Perhaps I should just be to the point.  My wireless (ar928x chipset
> w/bluetooth, ath9k driver) has some issues with range.  The range is
> better in Windows.  The Linux driver shuts down the Windows driver. 

Now, I've heard of situations where it works the other way (at least if you
tell Windows to turn off the NIC, you can't turn it on in Linux), but never
the Linux driver shutting down the Windows one.  It doesn't happen either
way with my ar928x and ath9k.  What exactly did you have to do to get it to
shut down the Windows driver?  What do you have to do to turn it back on in

> When 
> I tried some basic commands to check out what was going on in a fresh
> install of Jaunty 9.04, a script executed leaving below set of entries in
> my Bash History.  My bash history is attached, leading period deleted. 
> This happened without my consent, and I felt it was invasive. 

It is, but I can't help think you're looking at the wrong thing.  I don't
think iwlist caused that.

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