Atheros wireless problem/ Bash Shell Script

Martin Stephens exogenetic at
Mon Apr 20 02:30:25 UTC 2009

Perhaps I should just be to the point.  My wireless (ar928x chipset w/bluetooth, ath9k driver) has some issues with range.  The range is better in Windows.  The Linux driver shuts down the Windows driver.  When I tried some basic commands to check out what was going on in a fresh install of Jaunty 9.04, a script executed leaving below set of entries in my Bash History.  My bash history is attached, leading period deleted.  This happened without my consent, and I felt it was invasive.  I tried to figure out what triggered it, and could not repeat it.  The script printed out the following lines when I hit return accidentally while typing the "sudo iwlist modul" command.

>From Bash History (attached): 
sudo iwlist
sudo iwlist wlan0 modul
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Connecting to a Wireless LAN with Linux
sudo iwlist wlan0 modulation


To the best of my knowledge, I did nothing to provoke this.  I do not pirate software, nor do I know of any company that does.  I am not interested in business software, and did not solicit this.  This is really kind of creepy.  Will someone please help me work out the issues with my atheros drivers so I can delete my Vista partition?  This is really too much.  I would really like constructive, practical answers.      

Thanks Martin

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