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Thu Apr 16 02:53:52 UTC 2009

On Wed, Apr 15, 2009 at 21:40, Matt Harrison <matt.harrison82 at>wrote:

> Has anyone else had problems with Firefox (in 9.04) logging them out of
> Gmail randomly...
> For example, I close Firefox after checking my e-mail and walk away from
> the computer (nothing put to sleep, nothing turned off, just idle) and when
> I come back and launch Firefox and go to Gmail I have been logged out even
> though I told it to keep me signed in.
> Not sure what other info someone might need, but if more is needed I would
> be happy to provide what I can.
> Gmail is always doing strange things with me.  I think I am on their
"experiment with" list.  Do you have more than one Gmail account?  It gets
confused sometimes when I log in and out of various accounts.

Is  delete cookies on shut down active?
Running anything from Google Labs?
Are you running 25 add-ons like me?
Have you tried deleting the Gmail cookies and doing a "fresh" log-in?

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