From dual boot to virtualization

Brian Tucker tucker.bc at
Thu Apr 16 02:16:15 UTC 2009

On Wed, Apr 15, 2009 at 8:42 PM, Juan De Mola <juan.demola at> wrote:
> The main os will remain being Vista because it has a especial
> relationship with the laptop manufacturer, it is essential to do some
> work that is more complex on Ubuntu and is shared with my brother.
> The virtual machine is for create a ubuntu install that will work like
> the one I have now. The first step I am  doing is a clean install on
> the vm but ubuntu has a problem with the size of the installer window
> that is larger than the work space. :-( Then I decided to install
> debian to then rebrand it with the ubuntu packages or try other
> options if it becomes hard to do.
> Thanks!
> On 4/15/09, Franz Waldmüller <waldbauernbub at> wrote:
>> Juan De Mola schrieb:
>>> Hi everybody!
>>> As you will know I've problems with the boot of 8.10 and with the NTFS
>>> partition from where the entire system runs, including Vista.
>>> To avoid the growing problems with the fs when some file is touched by
>>> ubuntu i want move it from the virtual hd to a vm on sun virtual box.
>>> How I can do the transfer without great problems? I've a tiny debian
>>> install yet @ vb. Thanks!
>> I would do a Windows Install in the virtual machine from scratch. This
>> way you will just install the essential software and can keep windows
>> lean. The clean way is often the fastest.
>> Franz
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Install VirtualBox on the host. Create a new virtual machine for
Ubuntu, and do a fresh install of Ubuntu onto the VM. It would seem to
me that the Debian > Ubuntu route would likely not be possible; a
clean Ubuntu (or Debian) install is the way to go.

You might be able to move the Ubuntu installer windows with ALT+[left
click]. Ensure that you have Visual Effects set to None in
Preferences>Appearance. Move the windows up so that you can access the


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