OpenOffice and SMB

Matt Harrison matt.harrison82 at
Wed Apr 15 10:55:51 UTC 2009

> > I have been searching to try to find an answer to why OpenOffice on 8.10
> > won't open files on a SMB Share.  The thing is, it used to do it, but I
> > can't determine  when it stopped working.  I have found old forum posts
> > talking about using CIFS to mount or to edit the soffice file but I
> cannot
> > find anything more than just mention of possible solutions, nothing
> really
> > documenting a fix for it.  Any help on this would be appreciated.
> That sounds odd - can you tell us more what happens when you try?
> If you try from the commandline does it give you any more information?
> Brian
Thanks for the reply...All I can tell you is that when I would browse to the
network drive, find the spreadsheet I wanted to open (Excel File) and double
click on it, the OOo splash screen would appear and the progress bar would
work its way across, and then the splash screen would go away and that would
be it.  I can't give any more information than that because when I upgraded
to 9.04 the problem was fixed with OOo 3.0.

It's very possible it could have been a bug with OOo 2.4...odd thing is it
would work right after a fresh 8.10 install and break after I would install
either OOo Database or install the 271 updates that needed to be done to the
system, not sure which...didn't catch the problem in time to investigate

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