Failure to index incoming NEW messages in Thunderbird on Linux Ubuntu 7.1]

Evans Jahja smkururu at
Sat Apr 11 16:57:33 UTC 2009

Roy Smith wrote:
> Ray Edester wrote:
>> Thanks Leonard,
>> I installed and ran Clamscan.  Yes, pretty slow to complete.
>> It gave Ubuntu a clean bill of health.
>> This would seem to indicate my problem is within Thunderbird and not 
>> the OS.
>> I have re-installed it from Synoptic, but may need to delete it 
>> manually and install.
>> I DO hate to lose my message base, IF indeed that would happen?
>> Tks again,
>> Ray
>> Leonard Chatagnier wrote:
>>> --- On Fri, 4/10/09, Ray Edester <Ray_Edester at> wrote:
>>> From: Ray Edester <Ray_Edester at>
>>> Subject: Failure to index incoming NEW messages in Thunderbird on 
>>> Linux Ubuntu 7.1]
>>> To: ubuntu-users at
>>> Date: Friday, April 10, 2009, 9:11 AM
>>> Beginning on April 1st I found all new messages in Mozilla
>>> Thunderbird
>>> to be unreadable and most assume the contents of an old
>>> message I can no
>>> longer find in any mail folder.  Going to Edit, Preferences
>>> and
>>> Rebuilding the index allows the correct contents.
>>> I generally discount chatter about virus' as pertaining
>>> to Windows and
>>> leaving LINUX safe.
>>> However, as this happened on April 1st I'm wondering if
>>> my Ubuntu 7.1
>>> and/or Thunderbird has suffered some sort of Malware and
>>> trying to
>>> formulate a plan to correct the situation.
>>> Also, I may have received an upddate on April First.
>>> Any thoughts on this subject will be appreciated.
>>> Thank you,
>>> Ray
>>>   Ok, if your concerned you have an infection or malware on your 
>>> Ubuntu, why not install clamav or bitdefender, update the definition 
>>> files and/or the engines and run the scanning software on / 
>>> recursively. It will take a good while to run and you will have to 
>>> back scan the terminal output to the beginning scan to see what it 
>>> found or use the -ir option for less output. Bitdefender has several 
>>> scanning engines designed to do specific scans which NoOP has 
>>> discussed on the list this month so you may want to browse the 
>>> archives to see what was said about antivirus use in Ubuntu.
>>> My recommendation would be to use bitdefender as it is very fast 
>>> scanning.
>>> I have occasionally found window viruses in Ubuntu but only after 
>>> running a suspect email, even ones identified as containing a virus, 
>>> just to see what happens.  The viruses found were never active 
>>> attesting to linux's safety.  I never, of course, send these 
>>> contaminated email to a window user or any user.  Some day someone 
>>> will develop a linux virus I suspect anyway, so it never hurts to 
>>> have a scanner readily available. But the main intent of linux AV 
>>> programs to to protect mail servers, so I've heard on the list.
>>> I really don't think you issue is the result of the latest windows 
>>> virus that's all over the news today or any other for that matter 
>>> but install and running the AV programs should convince you of that.
>>> HTH,     
> Have you tried compacting your folders, then reindexing your messages?
So you have Windows? And does Windows able to access your mail? If yes, 
I suggest you to install antivirus if you don't have one. I would 
recommend  you the free Comodo Antivirus + Firewall <>. 
It's not likely there're virus around Linux, but the scanner is always 
been there.


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