Google earth install

Nolan Cooper 4030man at
Fri Apr 10 16:01:28 UTC 2009

  Nolan flopped in chair, hunched shoulders, and pecked out:
> On Thu, 09 Apr 2009 23:51:16 -0600 Al Black <al-black at>
> wrote:
>> Hi gang,


> You can start GE in a terminal to get an error message. I'll make
> an assumption that it's the libcrypto issue. You can fix it
> yourself by renaming or removing
> ~/.googlearth/
Thanks, GE is now working. Will attack the font issue now.
> Or even better, install the package from the medibuntu
> repository[1], it includes a fix for this and a fix for some font
> issues.
What font problem is fixed? My side panel has tiny fonts, is it this 

> If it's a different issue post the error message.
> [1]



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