Failure to index incoming NEW messages in Thunderbird on Linux Ubuntu 7.1]

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Fri Apr 10 14:56:02 UTC 2009

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> From: Ray Edester <Ray_Edester at>
> Subject: Failure to index incoming NEW messages in Thunderbird on Linux Ubuntu 7.1]
> To: ubuntu-users at
> Date: Friday, April 10, 2009, 9:11 AM
> Beginning on April 1st I found all new messages in Mozilla
> Thunderbird
> to be unreadable and most assume the contents of an old
> message I can no
> longer find in any mail folder.  Going to Edit, Preferences
> and
> Rebuilding the index allows the correct contents.
> I generally discount chatter about virus' as pertaining
> to Windows and
> leaving LINUX safe.
> However, as this happened on April 1st I'm wondering if
> my Ubuntu 7.1
> and/or Thunderbird has suffered some sort of Malware and
> trying to
> formulate a plan to correct the situation.
> Also, I may have received an upddate on April First.
> Any thoughts on this subject will be appreciated.
> Thank you,
> Ray
Ok, if your concerned you have an infection or malware on your Ubuntu, why not install clamav or bitdefender, update the definition files and/or the engines and run the scanning software on / recursively. It will take a good while to run and you will have to back scan the terminal output to the beginning scan to see what it found or use the -ir option for less output. Bitdefender has several scanning engines designed to do specific scans which NoOP has discussed on the list this month so you may want to browse the archives to see what was said about antivirus use in Ubuntu.
My recommendation would be to use bitdefender as it is very fast scanning.
I have occasionally found window viruses in Ubuntu but only after running a suspect email, even ones identified as containing a virus, just to see what happens.  The viruses found were never active attesting to linux's safety.  I never, of course, send these contaminated email to a window user or any user.  Some day someone will develop a linux virus I suspect anyway, so it never hurts to have a scanner readily available. But the main intent of linux AV programs to to protect mail servers, so I've heard on the list.
I really don't think you issue is the result of the latest windows virus that's all over the news today or any other for that matter but install and running the AV programs should convince you of that.
Leonard Chatagnier
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