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Sun Apr 5 00:47:17 UTC 2009



>As for transferring files using a 2 gig device, that's fine for a small

>number of files.   I regularly transfer some 2000 folk dance songs between

>computers.  Transferring them is a heap easier.


>The instructions I've followed so far either don't work, are very tedious

>don't work, or a combination thereof.  File sharing was easy when I was

>using Hardy/XP.


>  Gary


Actually, I was hoping for a little more technical solution to the problem
myself.  I guess starting the SSH Damon (OpenSSH) is the easiest answer.
That's what I currently do.  Then With any variety of SSH/SFTP clients you
can easily drag and drop files between computers.  


However, I'm looking into serving mountable drives on my Linux machine to
share with the rest of the computers on the home network.  From what I've
read so far Samba seems to be an answer (not sure how complicated or how
much trouble) and I've just started looking in to setting this up.  Does
anyone else on this list use Samba?




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