Edubuntu 8.04 query

Derek Broughton derek at
Fri Apr 3 14:59:23 UTC 2009


> Bret Busby wrote:
>> We just have to give up on Edubuntu, as unworkable.

Really, that's unfair.  "Too much work", perhaps.

>> It is one thing to demonstrate a LiveCD or LiveDVD, for which we can
>> provide a confident assurance "This will not make any changes to your
>> computer", but, to have to say "We will install this operating system,
>> with which you are completely unfamiliar, and we will have to rearrange
>> your hard drive and make changes to computer, to show you this operating
>> system and its applications that you might find useful", is pushing luck
>> too far.

So install to a USB stick.  It'll be faster than the CD and last week I saw
a 16GB USB stick for $15.
> It's silly to demonstrate something on someone else's computer. Why
> can't you take your own computer already pre-loaded with Linux? Do you
> really want to show up not having a clue about what sort of hardware the
> person whom you're trying to convince has, only to find out that it has
> some weird NIC or video card that isn't well (or at all) supported by
> whatever Linux distro you're promoting? 

Good point.  It's becoming more unusual to find such a case, but it still

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