I'm Building a $200 Linux Desktop

Franz Waldmüller waldbauernbub at gmx.at
Wed Apr 1 09:04:56 UTC 2009

Michael Haney schrieb:
> I plan on building a machine specifically for Ubuntu.  After talking
> about it with the members of my Ubuntu users group online I came up
> this configuration which I could easily build for just over $200.
> They tell me the specs I've selected are excellent for an Ubuntu
> system, so I wanted to share this with everyone else who might be
> interested in doing the same thing.  The plan calls for buying some
> parts and recycling parts from an existing system.

I builed a system for friend of mine some months ago.
I used a Shuttle K48 Barebone
--> low energy consumption, cheap price (Mainboard, Case and PSU inkluded)
--> onboard intel graphics. I prefer the intel onboard graphics, as open 
source drivers are available
--> if you want to expand your system the casing isn't the best
at amazon the barebone is at $152
I bought a Celeron dual core-CPU,
500GB Harddrive
DVD-RW ( you won't need this)

Your atom CPU might be a good choice if you want to save power, The 
dual-core celeron CPU I proposed could give to the power needed to let 2 
people work on the machine. Check out XDMCP --> I use a 10 year old 
laptop to log into my pentium 4 machine to work on my home-profile when 
the main machine is used by friends. For normal tasks this works flawless.

I would buy a larger harddrive. Spend some more $ and get 500GB.


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