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>> If you are playing high-end games, you will not get them to work on 
>> anything but windows. 
>Thats not really true.
>Many times games run at a fps greater than windows on the same box. 
>you may want to look at cedega or codeweavers. (not just for games)  Ive 
found that there are many, many games and programs supported by wine out 
of the box.  Both these >companies upstream wine improvements so you dont 
even need to get into subscriptions.   good luck.

You got me there :(
I even just got the free codeweavers gaming thing yesterday and I should 
have remembered that.  At the time I wrote that I did not have my morning 
coffee.  That's my story and I'm sticking with it!  What I should have 
said is that the very latest games will probably not run very well without 
subscription software or some tweaking in wine.  I have gotten some older 
games running pretty much OK.  I also have not put in a lot of time in it 
so I am sure it can be done better.  And there is always DosBox for the 
really old ones.  I can still play Doom 2. (now if I can ever shoot some 
rockets into that mouth at the end I can actually finish it)

Alan Dacey

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