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Thu Oct 30 02:33:22 UTC 2008

On Wednesday 29 October 2008 2:40:00 pm Kennneth P. Turvey wrote:
> On Tue, 28 Oct 2008 20:20:21 -0700, Pastor JW wrote:
> > On Tuesday 28 October 2008 5:40:55 pm Kennneth P. Turvey wrote:
> >> On Tue, 28 Oct 2008 17:14:09 -0700, Pastor JW wrote:
> >> > On Tuesday 28 October 2008 2:55:59 pm Kennneth P. Turvey wrote:
> >> >> How do I find out which updates were applied when on my system?
> >> >> Maybe I could narrow it down?
> >> >
> >> > Is this a Dell and did it have sound before the last kernel update?
> >> > I guess there were two weren't there, but the second one didn't fix
> >> > it either did it?
> >>
> >> Yes, it is a Dell Inspiron 1525 and sound still isn't working.  I've
> >> installed all the updates up to today's.
> >
> > Okay then, your problem is the modem, look here
> >
> Modem_Does_Not_Work
> > On the first instruction instead of 2.5.24-17 use your current kernel.
> > If you did the updates it should be 2.5.24-19 and use the instructions
> > for having 8.04 already installed.  Then after you download the modem
> > driver, in your terminal, BEFORE you do the sudo command, you need to cd
> > into the directory where ever you downloaded the file.  You should now
> > have your sound back!  I started trying to fix this last Friday
> > afternoon.  Didn't work on it over the weekend for obvious reasons.
> > Thought I'd tackle it again today and got it working this morning.
> Does this really make sense.  This is Hardy as installed from the Ubuntu
> disks, not something from Dell.  Everything worked under Hardy, with the
> possible exception of the modem, since I didn't ever try it.  I never
> installed any modem drivers on this laptop.

I don't know why, I think it is a microsoftism, but it seems win type modems 
are in the sound trail.  Had you of followed that information you would have 
been as amazed as I was when the sound started working again.  I haven't used 
a modem for anything for many years now, it just happens it is a part of this 
laptop's motherboard.  Note the first part of the instructions do mention 
alsa sound driver! 

"Restore name of sound driver that old modem driver renamed:

$ cd /lib/modules/2.6.24-17-generic/ubuntu/sound/alsa-driver/pci/hda
$ sudo mv snd-hda-intel.ko.REPLACEDBYhsfmodem snd-hda-intel.ko

Remove old sound drivers from kernel module directory:

$ cd /lib/modules/2.6.24-17-generic/updates
$ sudo rm snd-hda-intel.ko
$ sudo rm snd-hda-codec.ko

Rebuild initrd and reboot:

$ sudo depmod -a
$ sudo update-initramfs -u
$ sudo reboot

The modem should now be recognized and fully functional. "

However, sound did NOT come back till the hsfmodem_7.68.00.09oem_i386.deb 
package was installed.  It did however also still work fine with the previous 
kernel if one hit ESC on boot to choose it.

73 de N7PSV aka Pastor JW <n><   PDGA# 35276

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