Can't Upgrade to Newer Kernels

Pastor JW pastor_jw at
Mon Oct 27 17:16:50 UTC 2008

On Monday 27 October 2008 9:47:26 am Rick Bilonick wrote:
> I saw references to newer kernels. Also, if I search for "kernel" in
> synaptic or the additions/removal, nothing shows up not even the current
> kernel. So it seemed to me there might be some problem with how I have
> things set up or how I'm using synaptic. I'm new to Ubuntu.

Ah!  This could be because they are named "linux-image" in Ubuntu! 
2.6.24-21.42 is the current kernel for 8.04 (Hardy) however on one of my Dell 
laptops this kernel does not have sound.  We have three 1525n's and two work 
perfectly with the new kernel and one has to boot in 19 for sound to work.  
Odd as they are all the same processor but the one which has no sound has the 
built-in bluetooth. Otherwise they are all the same machine.  The other two 
have bluetooth but it is a usb little plug in dongle.

73 de N7PSV aka Pastor JW <n><   PDGA# 35276

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