Multistation OS

Rashkae ubuntu at
Mon Oct 27 13:21:59 UTC 2008

Mark Haney wrote:
> Wade Smart wrote:
>> 20081027 0718 GMT-6
>> A short while back I posted some questions about using Thin Clients at 
>> the local school. That fizzled out. I received a email this morning from 
>> the school wanting to know if I could setup a multi-station lab like 
>> what is in this email.
>> The second link tells about what they are doing.
>> This is just what I was talking about - right?
>> Just done only in one location and district wide.
>> Wade
> I fail to see how this is different from a thin-client solution.  At 
> least in it's basic elements. You are still using a single machine to 
> provide desktops to other systems.  They claim:

This is completely different.  (And maybe better)

A traditional thin client solution would still require some kind of
computer at each station, even if that 'computer' is simply running some
built in X client.

This multi-station is just a way of connecting multiple monitors,
keyboards and mice to 1 computer.

In my experience, given the sheer volume of old discarded computers, a
school can much more cheaply build a lab of thin clients consisting
mostly of used computers that would otherwise be de-comishioned.

The multi-station idea, however, will likely be less expensive on the
electricity bill.

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