Should I add this Repo?

Nils Kassube kassube at
Sun Oct 26 12:45:27 UTC 2008

Amichai Rotman wrote:
> I tried to run an 'apt-get dist-upgrade' from console - it did
> nothing...
> How do I upgrade to 8.10?


> Or mor importantly - Should I?

That depends ...

If you always want to run the latest version, then the answer is yes 
(obviously). If you have hardware that is better supported by 8.10, then 
it may be useful as well.

However there may be hardware that is supported by 8.04 which isn't 
supported by 8.10. Then the answer would be no if you have that hardware.

And if you are using Kubuntu with KDE3 now you should check if you want to 
switch to the new KDE4 version.

I think you should decide yourself depending on your needs. And you should 
probably check the release notes as well: 


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