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Sat Oct 25 21:58:17 UTC 2008

Rick Knight wrote:

> Karl. It will work. I have used gparted (and qtparted) numerous time to 
> shrink and grow partitions, including extended partitions and partitions 
> on Windows only Pcs. Boot with the System Rescue CD, load the desktop 
> and then start gparted. Resize the extended partition to use all of the 
> unused space at the end of the disk first. Then in separate operations 
> resize the partitions inside the now larger extended partition, or use 
> fdisk or gparted to create a new partition in the unused space inside 
> the extended partition. This does work quite well.
> Rick

20081025 1649 GMT-6

I too have used gparted - just two weeks ago actually - to resize a 
Windows XP partition.

My sons hard drive is 250GB but only about 20GB was formatted NTFS. His 
World of Warcraft update was going to put him 5GB over his partitioned 

What I did was used my Ubuntu 8.04 install cd, booted the Live CD and 
then created a second partition for My Documents from about 30GB point 
to the 60GB point. Then I increased the size of the c:\ partition to 
30GB. So now I have 0-30GB as C:\ and 30-60GB as my documents and the 
rest is ready to be used later.

Windows booted up, ran a check on the drive and has been perfect since 

Even with Windows Ubuntu is still a life saver :)


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