Problem with router

Karl Larsen k5di at
Sat Oct 25 17:28:12 UTC 2008

Pat wrote:
> I have a wireless Belkin router that I just purchased last Saturday. It 
> is the second wireless router I've had in a few months. The first one 
> was a TP-LINK. Both work fine for a while then quit. The router appears 
> to connect, I get an IP address through DHCP and I can ping outside 
> sites, but I can't get online. This happens even if I make a direct 
> connection with a cable. If I take my laptop to another wireless 
> connection site I can get on no problem so it seems to me the issue must 
> be with my router. But this has happened to 2 different routers. When I 
> connect to the router itself it says it is online. So why is my 
> connection not getting through. This is very frustrating. Does anyone 
> have any suggestions?
    None of this has a thing to do with Ubuntu. That said I have a Wal 
Mart Belkin wireless router and it works just fine for 8 months now. You 
must have something else in your system broken.



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