Problem with router

Pat pat.mysterywriter at
Sat Oct 25 17:24:41 UTC 2008

I have a wireless Belkin router that I just purchased last Saturday. It 
is the second wireless router I've had in a few months. The first one 
was a TP-LINK. Both work fine for a while then quit. The router appears 
to connect, I get an IP address through DHCP and I can ping outside 
sites, but I can't get online. This happens even if I make a direct 
connection with a cable. If I take my laptop to another wireless 
connection site I can get on no problem so it seems to me the issue must 
be with my router. But this has happened to 2 different routers. When I 
connect to the router itself it says it is online. So why is my 
connection not getting through. This is very frustrating. Does anyone 
have any suggestions?

Pat Brown

pat.mysterywriter at

L.A. Heat & L.A. Mischief, hotter than ever!

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