Karl Larsen k5di at
Sat Oct 25 17:23:16 UTC 2008

        I have a 160 GB SATA hard drive. When I looked with fdisk at the 
disk the Extended partition was just big enough to hold what was on the 
disk that was about 30 GB. The remaining 130 GB was not available.

        The necessary Extended partition was the problem. I am certain 
that when I made that it was covering all the hard drive. But when I 
looked yesterday it was not that way. So I tried some ideas to get the 
Extended partition fixed.

        Parted has the ability to re-size partitions but it fails to 
resize a Extended partition. It appears to have problems with ext3 file 

        Now fdisk is very capable for all manor of partition work but it 
was found not capable of re-sizing an Extended partition.

        The Hardy LiveCD has gparted that it uses if the user wants to 
do a manual loading of Hardy. I loaded the CD and then clicked on 
System-Administration - Gparted and up came a full screen of the Gparted 
and I clicked on the Extended partition and it gave me a chance to move 
it or re-size it. I chose re-size and then set the numbers to include 
the entire rest of the hard drive. I clicked Do It and it did. It looked 
good on gparted and later good on trusty fdisk on this computer. Now the 
Extended partition is the entire rest of the hard drive.

        I have 2 hard drives and both have problems with the Extended 
partition being too small. I will fix that and make a partition for the 
new Ubuntu just above this Hardy. I am not a fan of upgrading.



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