RAID 1 Config with AMD 780G Chipset

Owen Townend owen.townend at
Sat Oct 25 02:17:18 UTC 2008

2008/10/25 Paul McCumber <pmccumber at>:
> I'm trying to install the server version and I've been through the BIOS
> and RAID config of the BIOS.   The Ubuntu install still sees two
> devices.   Does this mean that I have only software RAID as an opton?
> If so, and I believe this is the case, is it h/w optimized at all?   Are
> there any good FAQs for this Hardy on how to do the RAID 1 config?
> Thanks in advance, Paul
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  The 780G chipset does not have any hardware raid capabilities.
Similar to almost all other chipsets with onboard raid they are what
are known as 'fakeraid'.  It is essentially a software raid, using the
main CPU to do the grunt work.  There is a way to get this type of
raid working using dmraid in linux but there are few, if any, benefits
over linux software raid (and some drawbacks) especially if it is not
a dual boot box.
  With the buzz-words 'fakeraid' and 'dmraid' you should be able to
find more information easily enough.  Otherwise, post back with more


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