Newby help: Changing to Thunderbird instead of Eveloution

James Gray james at
Sat Oct 25 02:03:49 UTC 2008

On 25/10/2008, at 10:23 AM, tux wrote:
> On Sat, 2008-10-25 at 09:53 +1100, James Gray wrote:
>> On 25/10/2008, at 9:36 AM, tux wrote:
>>> The last time I uninstalled Evolution I saw Synaptic was going to
>>> uninstall the Ubuntu desktop even though I had not checked it. How
>>> do I
>>> uninstall Evolution and not uninstall my desktop

-->8-- snipped the "greek"

>> Thanks for the reply but most of that was "Greek" to a newby.

Ok, tux.  Rather than try and explain it... remove evolution - the  
rest of your desktop will be fine :)  Don't worry about the "ubuntu- 
destop" thingy...that's just package magic and wont affect you  

Have fun!

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