Best FTP software for Ubuntu was: Web Commerce

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Thu Oct 23 17:00:53 UTC 2008

Knapp wrote:
>> Others to look at:
>> zencart, based on osCommerce but updated with better templating and
>> fully xhmtl/css.
>> --
>> Hal
> Have read everyone's responses I decided to go with Zencart. I don't
> have a really solid reason for this other than it looks like a good
> solid update to osCommerce. If anyone feels this is  a mistake PLEASE
> let me know before I get to much time into this. Thanks all for the
> help.
> Now the next question based on the Zen site statement:
> """
> 2. Do you have FTP software?
> If No, stop ... you need to obtain a decent FTP software package such
> as FileZilla (free), FlashFXP or another FTP software program to
> transfer files back and forth from your computer to your webserver.
> Note: webserver meaning, the computer on the internet where you have
> your domain hosted (See 1)
> """
> Any suggestions or warnings here?

Yes, don't use ftp. Use scp or sftp with key-based authentication.
Particularly on a system on which you're going to be doing e-commerce,
there is no reason to use ftp and expose your ftp password, which for
many people because they don't know any better, is the same as their
user account password.

Others have suggested ftp-based mirroring software to synchronize your
machine with another host. Don't do that either. Use rsync over ssh.

Here is an article I wrote for our hosting clients, most of whom are
running Windows
<>. OS X and
Linux have ssh and scp installed by default in most cases. There are GUI
front-ends to both protocols on all the major operating systems, if you
need them.

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