Best FTP software for Ubuntu was: Web Commerce

Knapp magick.crow at
Thu Oct 23 06:40:17 UTC 2008

> Others to look at:
> zencart, based on osCommerce but updated with better templating and
> fully xhmtl/css.
> --
> Hal

Have read everyone's responses I decided to go with Zencart. I don't
have a really solid reason for this other than it looks like a good
solid update to osCommerce. If anyone feels this is  a mistake PLEASE
let me know before I get to much time into this. Thanks all for the

Now the next question based on the Zen site statement:
2. Do you have FTP software?

If No, stop ... you need to obtain a decent FTP software package such
as FileZilla (free), FlashFXP or another FTP software program to
transfer files back and forth from your computer to your webserver.
Note: webserver meaning, the computer on the internet where you have
your domain hosted (See 1)

Any suggestions or warnings here?

Douglas E Knapp

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