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Mark Haney mhaney at
Wed Oct 22 18:00:27 UTC 2008

John Hubbard wrote:

>> Edit the wireless interface (mine is wlan0, but yours might be 
>> different) and add (or edit) ONBOOT=YES.  
> In /etc/network/interfaces? I have found a lot of references to ifcfg-* 
> but I can't find those files anywhere. Do Debian based system use them?
>> That /should/ bring up the 
>> interface on boot.
> But where do I add the line about what the wireless key is? Or is that 
> automagically saved for me?

Take a look at that, it'll give you most of what you need. I rarely keep 
my Wireless keys in a configuration file for security reasons, but 
there's not reason why you shouldn't.

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