Default Username/Password

Chris Mohler cr33dog at
Tue Oct 21 18:32:18 UTC 2008

On Tue, Oct 21, 2008 at 1:21 PM, Karl Larsen <k5di at> wrote:
> Mallikarjuna Rao wrote:
>> Hi Owen,
>> Thanks for the info. But to enter "adduser" command, I dont have a terminal
>> window. I'm blocked at the username screen which i get when i boot the
>> ubuntu linux.
>    At this point if you do not have a user name and password your in
> trouble :-)
>    Here is what you do. Press the Ctl and Alt and F1 keys and you will
> be backed out to a black and white page. And your cursor will be at a
> bottom line. Type sudo adduser and it will ask for a name and a
> password. Give these to the computer and when back to the prompt, perss
> the Ctl Alt F7 key and you will be back where you started. Enter your
> new name and password and enjoy :-)

Karl - that won't work, since TTY1 prompts for a username and password.

Mallikarjuna - follow steve's advice and select the "recovery" kernel
option at boot time (from the grub menu - right after BIOS).  When
prompted, select "Drop to root shell".  Then run the adduser command.


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