Default Username/Password

Karl Larsen k5di at
Tue Oct 21 18:21:55 UTC 2008

Mallikarjuna Rao wrote:
> Hi Owen,
> Thanks for the info. But to enter "adduser" command, I dont have a terminal
> window. I'm blocked at the username screen which i get when i boot the
> ubuntu linux.
    At this point if you do not have a user name and password your in 
trouble :-)

    Here is what you do. Press the Ctl and Alt and F1 keys and you will 
be backed out to a black and white page. And your cursor will be at a 
bottom line. Type sudo adduser and it will ask for a name and a 
password. Give these to the computer and when back to the prompt, perss 
the Ctl Alt F7 key and you will be back where you started. Enter your 
new name and password and enjoy :-)


>  And the username was not created yet. Let me know if i'm
> missing something.


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